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Published on November 7th, 2013 | by Deejay Knight, Editor/Founder

Microsoft Showing Its Gamers Some Xbox One Love

We’re in the final weeks before the next gen officially starts, and yesterday was an outright onslaught of activity on the Xbox One front. With reviews and coverage barreling out of IGN starting at around 11 AM Eastern, the day barrel rolled along and continued bringing surprise after surprise.

First things first, as mentioned, IGN released a ton of info on the Xbox One today, then was kind enough to place a large amount of pertinent info in a single page. If it’s a launch title for the Xbox One, it’s likely in a video or link from that page, which is a fairly impressive feat considering the amount of content they pushed out. It seems Microsoft’s embargo wasn’t just about locking down information from leaking, it was also to stack joy on joy on joy.

The second major thing that happened today was a smattering of Xbox One love being spread to a large amount of gamers:



That’s just a sampling of all the goodies that Microsoft is giving out to lucky gamers. Some are getting the full copy of Killer Instinct for the One, others are getting an Xbox One with a game (Forza, Dead Rising 3 & Ryse seem to be the going choices). The uber among us are getting the most epic Xbox One pack ever, that includes these bits of awesome:

  • Xbox One
  • Dead Rising 3
  • Forza 5
  • Ryse
  • Zoo Tycoon
  • Xbox Music 12-Month subscription
  • Xbox Live 12-Month subscription

Excuse my American but I say hot damn.

Those of us who haven’t been as awesome just yet can apparently rest assured that things the selections made were completely random:


Beyond that, as this post from NeoGAF user John Caboose quotes from Xbox Support, there may be more waves of freebies incoming.

Henriette: at 21:41:31
You are definitely correct, we are giving away free gifts to all qualified users all over the regions where the xbox one is available. I believe the emails are already sent out starting today and it is by batch or waves, which is what we have been informed.

So you never know, fellow gamers! Whether you’ve been an Xbox owner since 11/15/01 or just the 360, you have a chance at winning free merch in the form of Xbox One consoles or games. Sound like something you’re in for?

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