Published on September 2nd, 2013 | by Cameron Woolsey

No External Storage Support for Xbox One at Launch, But it is “on the list”

There will be no support for external storage at the launch of the Xbox One, but the idea is “on the list,” according to Microsoft’s Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb.

During Major Nelson’s recent PAX podcast, Major Nelson said that the team is not focused on external storage support for the Xbox One, but mentioned it will be coming later in the console’s life.

“The future plan is for definitely to support external storage much like we do on the Xbox 360,” Nelson said. “My understanding is that feature will not be there at launch because the team is working on some other things, but it definitely is on the list. I don’t know when it will come in though.”

The Xbox One will launch with a 500GB hard drive that cannot be removed. With many games leaning toward digital releases, some gamers may be concerned that their drives may fill up. However, with 500GB in hand, which is nothing to snuff at, it may be unlikely that many gamers will reach the the limit before Microsoft releases support for outside storage.

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