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Dragon Age: Inquisition Gameplay Trailer

BioWare has released some gameplay material of its upcoming RPG Dragon Age: Inquisition.

It appears that one thing Bioware wanted gamers to come away with was that the fighting structure has changed: From a closed-in environment to a more open-world combat. The world is huge and vast which allows players freedom in how they choose to approach any battle.

“At the heart of all this is the idea of making sure you’re in control of everything that’s happening,” said Mark Darrah, executive producer on Dragon Age: Inquisition. “In Dragon Age II, the story and combat happened at you. Here, you’re making things happen. Everything we’ve done with this game– exploration, combat design, deeper crafting–it’s about giving you the ability to act.”

If this sounds to Elder Scroll-ish to you, don’t fret. Instead of one solid world with a huge area to explore, Dragon Age: Inquisition will take players to different parts of the world, transporting them to different areas and climates.

Inquisition keeps sending you to new places,” creative director Mike Laidlaw said. “There are new spots that open up as the story progresses, as you explore more. You start to get more leads, more information, and that draws you to new and tougher locations.”

One of the factors that surprises us was that the enemies in Dragon Age: Inquisition will not be leveled to match how you progress. This means there are different parts of the world that feature high-powered enemies — much like classic RPGs. This does mean that if you by accidentally venture into a territory that has high-level enemies, chances of you returning are very slim.

“I want players to say, wow, that’s an enormous dragon and I can’t kill him right now,” Laidlaw said. “But I’m gonna gear up and bring the right party, learn the right abilities, and we’re going to go dragon slaying later. Other times, you’ll come across a few low-level bandits and you’ll get the satisfaction of just taking them out.”

Dragon Age: Inquisition will launch in 2014 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC.

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