Published on August 23rd, 2013 | by Cameron Woolsey

Project Spark Xbox One Beta to Begin January 2014

Microsoft has revealed that its free-to-play game builder Project Spark on Xbox One will have a beta launch in January 2014.

Speaking to Digital Spy, Microsoft Games Studios general manager Dave McCarthy said the entire game “will be fully playable on day one (for Xbox One).”

“You’ll be able to either use that Crossroads mode to build something really quickly through story choices, you can do the blank slate editor, or you can take games that other people have built and then just edit them for yourself,” McCarthy continued.

McCarthy also confirmed that he game will have a closed beta for Windows 8 in October.

Project Spark is a sandbox title that allows players to use their imagination to create games and share them with others via Xbox Live. The idea is akin to Sony’s Little Big Planet, sans sack people.

Recent community footage has shown a wide variety of games that can be created using the title’s tools, including arcade shooters and what appears to be a homage to the macabre Limbo.

Project Spark will also be available on PC and Xbox 360, and there will be cross-platform support.

Source: Digital Spy

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