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Published on August 22nd, 2013 | by Cameron Woolsey

Humble Origin Bundle Adds Two More Games

The Humble Bundle has added to more games to the Humble Origin Bundle, bringing the total number of titles to 10.

It’s almost as if someone thought that eight games for around $5 just wasn’t enough. The pack already gave customers Crysis 2, Battlefield 3 and the recent Dead Space 3, but what’s wrong with a little more, eh?

The two additional games are Command And Conquer Red Alert 3 – Uprising and the classic god game, Populous.

Uprising is a stand-alone expansion pack for Red Alert 3, which was created to answer the universal question: Who would win in a fight? A group of cyber bears or a giant robot?

Populous was created by Peter Molyneux and EA’s Bullfrog team, and released on PC in 1989. It was met with huge success, and is considered the first PC god game.

For those who have already purchased the bundle, Origin keys for the two new games will be available on your download page (check your email).

The Humble Bundle offers games in packs to be purchased at any price above $1. The money goes to a select group of charities. Check it out here: Humble Bundle

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