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Published on August 12th, 2013 | by Cameron Woolsey

Splinter Cell Blacklist – ‘Sea Fort’ Co-Op Walkthrough

Ubisoft has released a video walkthrough of the co-op mission, Sea Fort, in Splinter Cell Blacklist.

Splinter Cell community developer Zack Cooper and lead co-op designer Richard Carrillo team up in the first co-op level in what they call “Grim’s Missions.” These missions are tough, where one alarm means the jig is up and players are forced to restart.

The mode only allows players to use the ghost gameplay style, which leans heavily on the stealth mechanic. In the Sea Fort mission, players must complete a set of objectives while dodging guards, dogs, cameras and lasers. While players can kill guards or dogs, they will have to dispose of the body or risk exposure.

Guards on alert will search for the intruders using a random pattern. This means, if you alert the guards, following their set pattern is no longer an option. The more you slip up, the more difficult it gets.

Players are tasked with working as a team to complete objectives, all the while making sure their presence is unknown.

Check out the video below:

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