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Published on August 8th, 2013 | by G. Bargas, Managing Editor

On the Verge: Unreal Engine 4 Shows off New ‘Layers’ Demo

Even before Sony or Microsoft hinted at the release of new consoles, there was already buzz about the new software kits that were going to navigate the next-gen.

As early as E3 2012, there was a ton of talk and showcasing of the next Unreal Engine. Cliff Bleszinski¬†was already being name dropped as one of the people showcasing the technology, even if the hardware wasn’t official. During GDC 2013 the press materials for the engine officially kicked off with a bang. The newest trailer shows off how each individual art asset designed is materially sound.

The trailer shows off some simple designs in layers that will prove useful in many settings. With the vastness of some outer-world locations, or structures found here on Earth, it should give more realism to structures wanting more than just a matte finish. Even simple things such as chrome architecture mixed with other materials, such as the tricycle seen, will have much more pop given the useful tools and segmenting allowed .

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