Published on July 25th, 2013 | by G. Bargas, Managing Editor

Guncraft Joins the Steam Team with August Launch

Imagine a first-person shooter with the tenacity of Call of Duty, but with the voxel vision of MineCraft-inspired crafting games. Now throw in some multi-tiered customization, and you’ve got Guncraft, which is launching on Steam on August 9.

The indie studio know as Exacto Games was fortunate enough to have the game Greenlit through the Steam community. Now, the title will boast Steam support, such as Achievements, Leaderboards and Trading Cards (click here to help design one).

Here are some Day One features you can expect from the title straight from the news release:

• Create custom levels, weapons and characters – you are only limited by your imagination!
• 8+ outlandish game modes for up to 16 players (Online/LAN), including:
• “Lava Survival” mode where magma slowly rises as players build upward to avoid the instant orange death. It’s a new variation of “Last Man Standing”
• “Onslaught” mode, where four players band together to fight off endless waves of deadly robot spiders, soldiers, drones and aircraft
• “Spleef” mode, players drill and destroy blocks on the platform near or under their opponents in order to cause them to fall to their deaths, while fervently moving to also avoid suffering that fate
• Player-controlled vehicles, perks, killstreaks, class load-outs, clan system and ranks
• HUGE DLC Roadmap driven by the community, for the community, ranging from new modes to expansions to Gunsmithing and new content features

After spending some time with the game months ago, the experience was unique. Levels can be shredded to pieces within a few spawns, leaving players to rethink their run-and-gun tactics. Also, playing with lava left more than one person burned.

The voxel violence begins early August, and launches at a $14.99 price point.

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