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Published on July 24th, 2013 | by Cameron Woolsey

Microsoft: Indie Developers Will Be Able to Self-Publish Games on Xbox One Post Launch

Microsoft has once more reversed a controversial Xbox One policy, this time saying that it will allow independent developers to publish their games on the console without requiring a publisher.

The company wants the Xbox One to be a focal point for indie development, stating that the console can be operated as a debug unit for these games.

However, Microsoft’s Marc Whitten has told IGN that some of these features will not be included right away. Instead, the current goal is to create “as low of a barrier to entry as possible” for indie developers. Whitten did not mention when the features will be available, but developers should expect them after the console launches in November.

Microsoft’s policy on independent games was announced when it revealed the Xbox One to consumers in May. The policy was not well received, and some indie developers spoke out against it, siding with Sony and Nintendo, two companies that had no such policy.

Since the Xbox One announcement, Microsoft has backpedaled with several controversial policies, including DRM and its used-games policies.

Source: IGN

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