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Published on July 22nd, 2013 | by Cameron Woolsey

Capcom Devs Discuss Dead Rising 3 Differences in New Video

If it slices, dices and makes  julienne fries out of zombie faces, then you will probably find it in Dead Rising 3.

In this latest Dead Rising 3 developer diary, Zombie Apocalypse Evolved, the folks behind the game give a glimpse of the many changes that separate the latest zombie sandbox romp from the prior two.

The game is a a completely free-flowing sandbox adventure, with no loading times while travelling throughout the world. The developers reveal better AI for zombies, making them deadlier than ever. Speaking of zombies, there will be different types, including football player zombies, prisoner zombies and even police officer zombies wielding loaded handguns.

“If Dead Rising was a kitchen utensil, I think it’d be a cheese grater.”
– Alan Jarvie, art director, Dead Rising 3

Of course, Dead Rising 3 still allows players to run around, gather equipment and create some outlandish zombie-slaying devices. But those are not the only tools in your inventory.

Capcom has developed the ability to use tactics to distract or lure zombies away. Players can use jukeboxes or have their character shout out for attention.

Details behind the video:

“Every zombie is a snowflake” in Dead Rising 3, and it’ll be your job to stick firecrackers in their mouths. Enjoy this brief look at some of the advancements that have been made to the gameplay and zombies since the last Dead Rising game–as well as a peek at some of the game’s zanier offerings.

Dead Rising 3 is schedule to release November on Xbox One. Check out the developer diary below:

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