Published on July 19th, 2013 | by Cameron Woolsey

Shadowrun Returns Launch Trailer Introduces Classes, Races

Developer Harebrained Schemes introduces gamers to classes and races in the Shadowrun Returns launch trailer.

In the year 2054, the improbable has occurred. Magic, once thought to exist has mere legend, has returned to the world. In its wake, creatures such as wendigos once more roam the lands, and trolls, elves and dwarves walk the busy city streets.

Certain gifted individuals are granted the power over the arcane arts, many of which use their talents to join forces with other skilled folk, working dangerous jobs under the watch of powerful mega corporations. These people are shadowrunners, mercenaries who use their abilities to scrape a living in a desolate world.

As a shadowrunner, players are given the choice to use multiple classes including the mage, who is fully integrated into the magical arts; the decker, a class that uses technology against enemies; and the street samurai, who just loves it when things go boom.

Shadowrun Returns blends magic and cyberpunk fantasy in a tactical, turn-based RPG. The game was a successful Kickstarter project, which received nearly five times its intended fund goal of $400,000.

The game will launch on July 25 for Steam.

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