Published on July 19th, 2013 | by Cameron Woolsey

Is Strider Amazing? This 7-Minute Gameplay Trailer May Convince You

Right on the heels of the new Strider video game reveal, Capcom has release seven whole minutes of gameplay from a demo that proves our old ninja still has what it takes to impress.

No one wants to be on the business end of Strider Hiryu’s plasma-Cypher, but it’s certainly fun to watch him tear through an endless horde of robotic soldiers who are foolish enough to do so.

In this uninterrupted gameplay trailer, we see Hiryu in what looks like an early segment of the game. As the ninja cuts through enemies, he seeks out Cypher upgrades to help him along his quest.

The first upgrade in the demo is the Reflect Cypher, which allows Hiryu to reflect enemy projectiles with the swing of his blade. The Explosive Cypher upgrade enhances the damage of the blade, causing enemies to catch on fire. It is also seen being used to open yellow doors.

The Bot upgrade is an optional tool that creates flying bots that orbit Hiryu, firing projectiles. The details listed with the Bot also say they can power large machinery. Finally, the Charge Attack allows players to charge the blade by holding  down the attack button. When released, it deals twice the damage. It is also seen used to open doors and cut through objects barring Hiryu’s path.

Strider shares similar gameplay to the original games. However, it mixes in elements from franchises like Metroid to deliver a non-linear gameplay experience, where certain areas can only be unlocked after finding the necessary equipment. We really got a Shadow Complex vibe while watching the below video, but that’s OK in our book.

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