Published on July 18th, 2013 | by Kyle Spencer, Editor

NCAA Will Not Renew License With EA

The NCAA has elected not to renew it license with the mega publisher of the popular NCAA and Madden franchises, according to a NCAA press release.

“The NCAA has made the decision not to enter a new contract for the license of its name and logo for the EA Sports NCAA Football video game,” the press release said. “The current contract expires in June 2014, but our timing is based on the need to provide EA notice for future planning.”

“We are confident in our legal position regarding the use of our trademarks in video games,” it continued. “But given the current business climate and costs of litigation, we determined participating in this game is not in the best interests of the NCAA.”

As a result of the decision, NCAA Football 14 “will be the last to include the NCAA’s name and logo.”

That will not stop EA from making future college football games. Andrew Wilson, executive vice president, EA Sports, released a statement reassuring fans that there will be college football video games in the line-up.

“By now, most fans will have heard that EA’s licensing agreement with the NCAA is set to expire and that we have agreed to part ways,” the statement said. “I’m sure gamers are wondering what this means.

“This is simple: EA Sports will continue to develop and publish college football games, but we will no longer include the NCAA names and marks. Our relationship with the Collegiate Licensing Company is strong and we are already working on a new game for next generation consoles which will launch next year and feature the college teams, leagues and all the innovation fans expect from EA Sports. We took big creative strides with this year’s college game and you’ll see much more in the future. We love college football and look forward to making more games for our fans.”

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