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Published on July 16th, 2013 | by Lucy Niess, Reviews Editor

First Thoughts: Killer Instinct at EVO 2013

Of the many demos available at EVO this year, there were two that I was able to try out: Killer Instinct and Dragon’s Crown.

Killer Instinct, one of the most hyped games for the Xbox One, had many stations set up where players can play head to head with each other on fight sticks (sorry pad players). On the main stage of the MadCatz area, there was a station set up that would display the game on the big screens with loud speakers. This area definitely brought in a huge crowd consistently throughout the day. Mad props to MadCatz for setting this up.

I had not played Killer Instinct in a long time (since the days of arcades), so getting my hands on the newest one was an all-new experience.

There were three playable characters: Jago, Sabrewolf and Glacius. Jago looked to be the fan favorite of the tournament considering how amazing his combos can be. Watching a player keep up the combos to pretty much kill his opponent twice over was amazing to watch, and Jago is capable of that. So if you are an infinite combo lover, might want to look into him. Sabrewolf is the character many of us who have had a taste of Killer Instinct remember the most. A very beast-like character, he can rip the opponent to shreds with his razor sharp claws. And then there was Glacius. This ice-cold contender gave Jago a run for his money when put in the hands of the right player. During my game play, I played as Sabrewolf and Glacius.

Upon selecting my character and the stage, I could not help but marvel at how crisp and nice the graphics were. So many colors going around that sometimes it is a little much, but it made the game feel alive. When messing around with the moves and such, there seems to be an auto-comboing system. I was trying to perform some of the usual moves I know from playing Street Fighter and Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, but sometimes it would register and sometimes it wouldn’t.

When I would just press some buttons (I could only assume they were light, medium and heavy in both punches and kicks, but I am not too sure), it would do a combo by mashing that one button. With more hands-on experience, I would be able to figure it out.

In comparison to other fighting games, I would say that it probably pulled some inspiration from UMVC3 considering some of the epic combos. It was definitely a lot of fun to play and, although it would not be worth it to buy an Xbox One for this one game for casual players, I could see the veteran lovers of Killer Instinct to shill out the $500 to get their hands on it.

I can say for sure that the announcer for the game brought back some memories. C-c-c-combo breaker! With the hype it received from this year’s EVO, I would not be surprised if it is one of the games for next year.

Check out some other photos of Killer Instinct from EVO 2013.

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