Published on July 15th, 2013 | by Shawn Long, Features Editor

TRUTHRant: WWE 2K14 is going to SUCK!

Oh, God. Another year, another shoddy WWE game will be “gracing” our systems. I made some strong statements about WWE 13, and, as I suspected, they were all pretty spot on. Now that the mighty THQ has fallen, 2K Sports has picked up the franchise and is going to revamp everything and make it the great wrestling game we have all been wanting since we realized that we were basically still playing Smackdown vs. Raw.


Just kidding. As Ryback can show you, this game is going to be a rush job of epic proportions. See, 2K picked up the THQ license late, so its development team is basically using that awesome engine featured in WWE 12 and ‘13 that allows for morphing and glitches galore. In fact, 2K actually has members of the THQ staff on board helping with this game, since it sort of just fell into the developer’s lap.

Somehow the graphics actually appear to be much worse, as I have seen Create-A-Wrestlers with better detail than Ryback’s own in-game model. At least THQ had a while to figure out what it was going to “add” to the yearly games, meanwhile 2K is just trying to pick up the pieces and get something rolling in the title. There must be something worth mentioning, though, that is new right? Right?


It’s the ULLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLTAMITE WARRIOR (please use a Vince McMahon voice while reading that). Yes folks, you can play as the Ultimate Warrior in WWE 2K14 — an epic milestone in WWE games. What’s that? He was in WWE All-Stars and Legends of Wrestlemania? Well, damn. I guess it’s not that big of a deal then.

Also, take a look at the character model for the Ultimate Warrior. Notice something familiar? Why, it’s the same model from Legends of Wrestlemania which came out THREE YEARS AGO! Is it possible to get more half-assed than this? Everything about that picture just screams “rush job.” The crowd looks like it was taken from a PS2 game, the character model for Warrior has no detail … it’s ridiculous. Yet people will eat this up just like they do ever year.

Well, what else is new? There must be something right? So far, 2K hasn’t said anything else. The company is dropping hints about “Becoming Immortal,” which basically sounds like a career mode. Besides that, there is no real news about the game besides spotty trailers that could honestly be any WWE game from the past four years. “WELL, SHAWN,” you politely say, “YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT THEY ARE ADDING AND NOT TALKING ABOUT!!! THE GAME ISN’T OUT YET!”

See, that’s the thing. The company isn’t talking about it because nothing new is being included. We are half way through July and the game is coming out in October. In the world of video games, a game is usually finished about one to two months at the longest beforehand, with the time dedicated to marketing, working out bugs and final touches. The meat of the game is practically done, yet we know nothing about it. If that’s not suspicious, I don’t know what is.

Once again, I will be skipping out on the latest WWE game offering, because I’m just tired of the series. Nothing changes, everything remains the same. The yearly format is played out and counterproductive, because it forces a rush and doesn’t allow to really flesh out the game and try something new. But as long as people keep buying it, nothing will change. Make a stand this year, don’t support WWE 2K14.


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