Shadow Warrior Classic Redux

Published on July 8th, 2013 | by Cameron Woolsey

Shadow Warrior Classic Redux Now Available on Steam

The cult classic shooter is back and prettier than ever. Shadow Warrior Classic Redux is now available to purchase at Steam, and it comes with a wok full of new features and goodies.

Shadow Warrior Classic Redux is the same slice ‘n’ dice adventure starring the epitome of every terrible Asian stereotype, Lo Wang. That’s right, there’s no white wash over any Chinese wisdom joke, sexist remark or gory enemy death here.

However, the game includes various upgrades to suit our modern, high-class tastes. Shadow Warrior Classic Redux will include the original 1997 classic, Shadow Warrior, plus its two expansion packs, Wanton Destruction and Twin Dragon. The game will also feature remastered visuals, a remixed theme and a high-resolution HUD. Finally, the game will include Steam achievements.

Oh, and there’s no DOSBox needed — the game is fully compatible with modern gaming PCs.

From the game details:

“Corporations rule every facet of life in a near-future Japan and employ Shadow Warriors, one-man armies of unparalleled skill, to protect their power and forcefully remove all opposition. The Zilla Corporation is the most powerful of these conglomerates and will stop at nothing to achieve domination unseen by any other corporation in the world. Lo Wang, Zilla Corporation’s legendary Shadow Warrior, discovers this corruption and the dark powers being summoned to aid his employers in this quest for absolute power. As a man of honor, Lo Wang vows to battle these demonic forces with an arsenal of explosive weapons, his silent blade, and a razor sharp wit.”

The game can be downloaded at the Steam store for $9.99.

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