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American McGee Flips Another Fairytale with ‘OZombie’

The tale of Alice in Wonderland has been told in books and by Disney on the big screen. The story consists of a curious girl adventuring through a strange world that could only have been plucked from the very dreams themselves. Building upon that premise, American McGee took the story of Alice and added a few hints of blood, and a dash of dark storyline, to create a winning adventure two times over.

Now, the haunt-repreneur is looking to apply that same world-turning experience to what we’ve come to appreciate in the land known as Oz.

The new 'Dorothy'The pitch for the title can be seen in the trailer above. Something immediately noticeable, besides the word “zombie” being stitched into the title, are the new duds that Dorothy is rockin’. The style of clothing she sports is reflective of the game’s story. The land promises to be “…mystical, filled with magic, enchantment,” while being pushed in a “steampunk” direction. This is explained with the struggle of its citizens to either keep the Oz that they’ve grown to love, or move in the direction where outside technology has invaded the land.

The story is further impacted by the social persuasion that the people of Oz has fallen victim to. So, who is behind this power struggle? None other than the Scarecrow himself. Once again, he is craving brains and the only pacification is through mass indoctrination.

The story will play out through the single player campaign and then open up through the multiplayer. The modes available are something most gamers would appreciate, including offline play and DRM-free content.

From the release:

OZombie will be first and foremost a single player game. You’ll play as Dorothy and be able to persuade many of the captivating fiction’s familiar characters such as Tik Tok and Billina to join your hunting party
OZombie will also support an optional multiplayer mode, which you can unlock after finishing the single player experience. In multiplayer you’ll be able to select from a range of player characters and enjoy competitive features like Raids and Tournaments

The land of OZ

Much like the first ‘Alice’ title, the game is set to release primarily on PC and Mac. The Kickstarter for the title has recently launched, and there are plenty of goodies for backers.

Check out the official site for more details and art.

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