Published on June 27th, 2013 | by Kyle Spencer, Editor

Sony Issues PS3 Firmware 4.46 Patch Fix

Sony has released the latest firmware upgrade for the PlayStation 3, effectively fixing the faulty 4.45 patch that caused some consoles to malfunction.

It was reported about a week ago that PS3 firmware upgrade 4.45 was causing some consoles to lock up while booting. Due to the faulty patch, Sony removed it from the PlayStation Network, offering an apology and promising a quick fix.

That patch, upgrade 4.46, has arrived, hopefully ending the issue once and for all.

The firmware 4.46 update includes (from the PlayStation website):

  • You can now hide notifications when you earn a trophy.
  • An issue in which the XMB (XrossMediaBar) menu is not displayed after updating the system software to version 4.45 was observed. This version of the system software addresses this issue.
  • If the XMB menu is not displayed, you must perform the update by starting the system in safe mode.

PlayStation 3 owners can either download the update from the system dashboard, or get it here and install it off a USB thumb drive.



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