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Published on June 11th, 2013 | by Cameron Woolsey

Sony Counters Microsoft With an Uppercut During its Press Conference

With all the controversy surrounding Microsoft’s new policies for the Xbox One, such as used games support and pricing, gamers have been wondering just how Sony will react.

Well, Sony reacted, and it did so with a bang that should leave Microsoft more than a little shell-shocked.

During Sony’s E3 press conference held in Los Angeles, the company countered each controversial point handedly.

Let’s break down the three key points.

Always Online

The Xbox One must connect to the Internet once every 24 hours for gamers to access their games. If not, playing any game becomes impossible. This point was passionately disparaged by GAMINGtruth bossman, D’Juan Irvin, in a recent editorial.

Sony, however, revealed that the PlayStation 4 does not need an Internet connection to function, and gamers will be able to play any title without the need to be tethered to the web.

Now, many gamers in this generation already connect online nearly every day with their machines. But the thought of being without a connection at a given length caused many Xbox fans to become concerned.

But Sony will have none of that. Let’s move on to the next hotly discussed point: used games support.

Pre-Owned Games

Microsoft will allow gamers to let their friends borrow a game, but that privilege comes with some restrictions. For one, that friend must be on the game owner’s friends list for more than 30 days. The second restriction is that the game can only be borrowed once, and all future donations will carry a fee.

But with the PlayStation 4, Sony will not charge a single red cent if gamers want to let their friends borrow a game.

Yep, leave it to Sony to remind us what it means to be social gamers:


Hopefully, publishers will not pressure Sony into reconsidering.

Finally, we have a third point, which is, of course, the price of the console.

The Price Point

Microsoft finally revealed the price of the Xbox One during its press conference held on June 10. The cost of this all-in-one box? A hefty $499.99. Keep in point that the Xbox 360 debuted at $399.99, while the PlayStation 3 shipped at an MSRP of $599.99.

The reaction of the gaming community in regards to the Xbox One price, though, was less than positive.

What was Sony’s offer? The PlayStation 4 will ship for $100 less, at a more reasonable $399.99. That sounds familiar.

Final Truth:

Overall, Sony seems to have not just provided answers to everyone’s burning questions surrounding the PlayStation 4, but it met each point with the right answers. Of course that may be subjective, but as far as providing what gamers truly desire out of a console, I do believe we heard more cheers from Sony’s conference than any other.

Stay tuned for more out of E3 2013 directly from GAMINGtruth.com.

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