E3 2013 Xbox: A Next Generation Revealed

Published on June 10th, 2013 | by Mark Gibson, Editor/Community Manager


LIVE BLOG | E3 2013 Microsoft Press Conference

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2:06 pm

Titanfall looked impressive! That’s a wrap. What did you think of Microsoft’s presentation?

1:56 pm

Xbox One coming this November for 9

1:54 pm

New Halo game coming in 2014 to Xbox One!

1:49 pm

First map pack DLC for Battlefield 4 is coming to Xbox One first before other platforms.

1:45 pm

Battlefield 4 looks quite impressive on the Xbox One!

1:43 pm

Microsoft seems to keep running into technical difficulties. Battlefield 4 gameplay is delayed with sound issues again.

1:39 pm

First look at game footage for The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt.

1:31 pm

Some sound issues there with that last game trailer. The audience seemed to have fun with that.

1:29 pm

Microsoft points will be no more. Live currency on Xbox One.

1:28 pm

Twitch.tv is now built into Xbox One to live stream game matches.

1:27 pm

Upload Studio is a quick way to edit game videos and share them via the Cload.

1:25 pm

Ryse will also use Xbox Smartglass integration. It seems that Microsoft is aiming to fully use this app with games.

1:19 pm

Spark will use the Kinect and Smartglass together to make a completely customizable world.

1:17 pm

Quantum Break will be an Xbox One exclusive. Pre-rendered footage looked impressive.

1:13 pm

MineCraft is migrating to the Xbox One.

1:09 pm

“Driveatar” will replace game AI in Forza 5

1:07 pm

Microsoft brings in a real Mclaren P1 to show off with Forza Motorsport 5

1:03 pm

Sunset Overdrive is a new game franchise from Insomniac heading to the Xbox One.

1:01 pm

Ryse looks pretty impressive on Xbox one. It will be a launch title with the new system.

12:56 pm

Live stream is back online! Thanks to Justin.Tv!

12:55 pm

Ryse: Son of Rome is revealed for the Xbox One.

12:52 pm

Dark Souls II is coming to the Xbox 360.

12:49 pm

World of Tanks is heading to the Xbox 360 as a muntiplayer game. It’s a free-to-play download as an XBL exclusive.

12:48 pm

Our live stream seems to be down at the moment, we are working to get it back up. However, we will still be live blogging all the announcements!

12:46 pm

New sleek Xbox 360 and two free games a month for Xbox Live Gold members.

12:44 pm

New sleeker Xbox 360 is on it’s way. Worth it?

12:43 pm

Metal Gear Solid V looks really sharp on the Xbox One. Great start by focusing on a game, but no other info was given.

12:12 pm

Live stream will start at 9:30/12:30PM EST

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    @GAMINGtruth not if you already own one. Clearly they’re trying to make up for the botched reveal.

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    @GAMINGtruth All I see is lens flairs, shooting, and buffering. #sameoldshit

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