Published on June 6th, 2013 | by Deejay Knight, Editor/Founder

Respawn Entertainment’s First Title Leaked: Titanfall

It looks like the game that the industry has been clamoring for news about has finally snuck out into the light of day. Respawn Entertainment, founded by former Infinity Ward alums and Call 0f Duty creators Jason West and Vince Zampella, has been working on their first official title, and it’s named Titanfall.

Titanfall_25382_screenTitanfall looks to be a “David vs. Goliath” style FPS. The “Davids,” or Pilots as they’re called in-game,  are heavily armed soldiers while the Titans are giant, hulking, exoskeletons that the players can pilot. It seems the players will have great agility and an ability to wall run ala Mirror’s Edge and multi-jump. Whether that jumping will be the standard double-jump or wall jumping has yet to be confirmed. As Pilots, you’ll have to use hit-and-run tactics, but you’ll be able to take down Titans by jumping or climbing to the top of them and destroying the “Brain”. As far as weapons, there are the standard Pistols and Assault Rifles, but the coolest one thus far is the Data Knife that allows you to hack AI characters into helping you.

Imagine, if you will, having multiple AI characters and a Titan following you around in-game. I imagine the symphony of death will be awe-inspiring.

With the Titans, Respawn is aiming for mechs with extreme agility that hasn’t been seen from these types of games yet, as you will be able to dodge and may have other abilities. It may not stop there, with rumors hinting that rather than piloting the Titan, you’ll be able to have it follow you around, causing mayhem and destruction in your wake.

There will also be AI enemies on the map, and as of yet it’s unknown whether they’ll be attacking both the Pilots and the Titans.

(You now have my interest, Respawn.)

Instead of creating an entirely new engine for Titanfall, Respawn is using a highly modified Source Engine that gives them 60 fps.

According to the originating thread at NeoGAF, the title is in development for PC and Xbox One with a third party handling an Xbox 360 port. The exclusivity is apparently due to the studio wanting to focus on a single platform according to this quote.

“Not to say we won’t [go multiplatform] in the future, but for our first game we wanted to focus on making the best game we could.”

The title was supposedly meant to target current consoles, but the consoles on the market couldn’t run the game smoothly. Respawn is planning to use Microsoft’s Cloud for not only unlimited dedicated servers, but AI and physics as well.

Titanfall will release in Spring 2014 on the Xbox One, Xbox 360 & PC. This should be a massive exclusive for Microsoft, especially with such iconic and widely known developers at the helm.

What do you think? Will you pick up an Xbox One to play Titanfall in all it’s next-gen glory? After this news, I’m starting to consider it!

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