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Published on June 6th, 2013 | by Deejay Knight, Editor/Founder

Gelatennis Hits Google Play Store, Free Android Game

New Indie developer Depth First Games has released its first title, Gelatennis, onto Google Play.

I can hear the question already: “Well, why are you telling us about this, DJ?” I’m telling you because as you play Gelatennis, you’ll be able to hear my charming voice egging you on! It’s a quick-paced game that’s easy to understand and hard to master.

It has Google Play Game Service integration, so you can get in on Achievements and more. As of today, the game is only on Android devices, but Depth First plans to release the game onto iOS once the game hits a certain number of downloads.

So yes, this is a shameless plug. The awesome thing about it though, is that it’s a free game. That’s right, it doesn’t cost you one red cent to download, it’s available worldwide and you can play it right now for the low cost of $Free.99. There’s a “Donate” button in the pause menu, but that’s completely optional!

We’re big fans of indie games here at GAMINGtruth, so download Gelatennis from Google Play and give it a try!

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Press Release follows:

Like the games of yore the ultimate goal of GelaTennis is simply to achieve the highest score. That objective can be achieved best by keeping the most balls alive for the longest possible time. In short, having two balls for a minute is fine, but having 4 balls for 20 seconds is great. Players earn more balls by hitting the center peg and earn additional points by hitting the small pegs that make a pattern.

Key features:

Intuitive touch controls:  GelaTennis was created with touch controls in mind. A simple touch on the screen will deflect the gelatin to return balls in a satisfying pseudo-physics based movement

Exciting twitch based action: GelaTennis features analog adaptive difficulty. The game will gradually add more complexity and the potential for a higher score along with it; however, if players find themselves overburdened the game will quickly pace back down. The difficulty adapts to the skill of the player

Google Play Game Service Integration: Social and public leaderboards that seamlessly use Google+ circles to track high scores across friends and across the world. Compare your score with the best in the world, or to your best friend. Check your score against the best of the day, the best of the week, or the best of all time.

Achievements: 10 fun, but challenging achievements that target completers
Visual equalizer: The gel in GelaTennis is used as a visual equalizer changing color in conjunction with the beat of the music. Giving players an amazing sense of immersion.

6 distinct patterns to master: GelaTennis poses a unique challenge for those that are completers. Destroy all the pegs in one of the 6 patterns that are randomly assigned per level.

Free to play with donation system: GelaTennis has a unique monetization strategy: The game is free; however, users can choose to donate to the developers if they feel it is warranted.

Developed with Unity 4.1: Using the latest engine from Unity 3D ensures GelaTennis looks fantastic while also allowing for smooth frame-rate on lower end hardware.

Release Date: May 15, 2013

Platform: Android

Price: Free/Donation based

Game link:
Game Trailer:

Our Vision:
Depth First Games was founded in 2010 by video game developers that have grown tired and disillusioned of the, somewhat voluntary, servitude to the man. It was founded by Ricardo Aguiló and Juan Sanchez as a creative outlet, beholden only to gameplay, curtailing such values as revenue, release dates, and licensed intellectual property.

The company is solely focus on creating engaging experiences that keep depth in gameplay first and foremost.


Ricardo Aguiló (Creative Director)
Since 2006 Ricardo Aguiló has worked as a game designer and has shipped games on multiple platforms (PC, Nintendo DS, Nintendo Wii, and Android). He received his Bachelors in Game Design and Development from Full Sail University and is working on obtaining his Masters Degree in Game Design.

Juan Sánchez (Art Director)
Juan began exploring his passion for art with just paper and pencil at a very young age. He graduated with a degree in digital arts from Pratt Institute in 2003. Ever since then he has been involved in multiple game projects, small and large. He has a traditional art background, but also possesses modern technical skills that allow him to work quickly and efficiently.

Justin Gallo (Lead Programmer)
Karate expert, Company band bass player, Scripter, Designer, Soothsayer, Wisdom Merchant, Gallo.

Press Release

It is our pleasure to introduce out first game: GelaTennis. It has been designed, developed, produced, and released as an indy game by the creative minds at Depth First Games – a company based in Sunny Florida.
Ricardo Aguiló (Creative Director), Juan Sánchez (Art Director) & Justin Gallo (Lead Programmer) have been diligently working on creating a fun and fast paced game that harkens back to the dawn of video games while leveraging the technology and innovations of modern mobile hardware. GelaTennis draws the bulk of its inspiration from one of the first video games ever created, Tennis for Two by William Higinbotham.

Unlike Higinbotham’s oscilloscope based machine, GelaTennis was designed from the ground up to take advantage of the latest advancements in mobile devices. Utilizing the processing power of multicore devices it is capable of performing all the physics calculations required for the intense action taking place on screen.  Taking advantage of multi-touch, players can juggle up to 10 touches on the gel surface at a time.

In addition to capitalizing on the innovations brought forth by hardware GelaTennis also takes full advantage of the advancements made in connectivity and social networks. Integrating Google Play Game Service gives GelaTennis the best global Leaderboard available on Android. Players that choose to use Google Play Game Service will have access to 10 challenging achievements; global, weekly, daily and friend leaderboards.  We are planning to release on other platforms in the near future.

So far GelaTennis has been praised for being simple and addictive.

Charley D.– May 16, 2013- Version 1.0
The most addictive game I’ve ever played. Simple, Fun, Fast. Combining old school games like pinball and tennis into the new game era.

Omar L.– May 16, 2013- Samsung Galaxy S3 with version 1.0
Very Cool Game and addictive!!!!

Bret W.– May 17, 2013- Version 1.0
Extremely fun to play!
Downloaded this game and find myself playing it every chance I get. Very cool game.

Mark G.– May 18, 2013- Version 1.0
Easy and fun game!
If you are looking for a simple and challenging game, this a good one to play. Fun when waiting in lines.

Víctor A.– May 19, 2013- Version 1.0
Über fun!
This is a great game, very fun and simple. Nice work! (y)

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