Published on April 29th, 2013 | by Cory Wells, Contributor

Valve Is The Latest To Jump On E3 Abandonment Bandwagon

The tide seems to be turning with the industry. An increasing amount of publishers seem to be either reducing their roles or backing out of the Electronic Entertainment Expo altogether in 2013.  Courtesy of the Twitter account for, who reports on all news Valve and Steam, they contacted Doug Lombardi with Valve who replied, “Valve is not exhibiting at E3 this year.”





What is suppose to be the spectacle of the video game industry is slowly losing steam due to other conventions such as the Penny Arcade Expo and Tokyo Game Show. There are a lot more opportunities for developers to showcase what they have and not potentially outbid at one event.

With this announcement, this means there will be no exclusive E3 announcements on the Steambox. Meant to possibly rival the next generation consoles, an event like E3 could upstage what else Sony has to add on the PS4, and what Microsoft has planned for their new system.

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