Xbox One Xbox: A Next Generation Revealed

Published on April 24th, 2013 | by Deejay Knight, Editor/Founder

Xbox: A New Generation Revealed hits Cable & Consoles on May 21

Rumors about the next Xbox have been buzzing and swirling around the Internet since the PlayStation 4 reveal in February. One of the most prominent rumors has been an official Microsoft reveal that the next-generation Xbox would be coming in middle to late May.

That rumor just got confirmed by Geoff Keighley on Twitter:


It doesn’t get much more concrete than that–outside of Microsoft announcing the news itself. But to involve so many mediums would be no small feat.

With that settled, the rumors will likely begin to lean toward what exactly will be showcased at the event. I’d personally expect no less than three new IPs launching for the “720,” as well as a tech breakdown similar to what Sony did.

Will the other rumors that gained traction around the May event come to pass? The rumored HDMI out and TV overlay capability similar to a cable box was a technically impressive concept, but I’m wondering about what will be done with Xbox Live. Will it gain more of a PlayStation Plus approach? Is Microsoft going to focus on sharing as well?

The most hotly contested question about the new Xbox, though, is whether or not it’ll require an always-on Internet connection. Many of these answers may be answered as soon as May 21, 2013. Make sure to tune in at 1 PM ET / 10 AM PT on Xbox Live, Spike TV & GameTrailers.

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