Deadly Walkers

Published on April 7th, 2013 | by G. Bargas, Managing Editor

New Indie Zombie Game ‘Deadly Walkers’ Promises a Throwback Experience

Whatever happened to shooting zombies in the head to kill them? That is something universally known and follows zombie lore guidelines. A new game in development promises to bring back the feelings of overwhelming hordes, mixed with ’70s horror films.

While the game has yet to receive a trailer, other than a low-grade teaser, the explanation of its intent will grab your attention. There are many games out there that have mutated over the years, straying further and further from the unique aspects that made them interesting in the first place.

Bringing things back into focus, Deadly Walkers¬†draws inspiration from movies like the 1978 release of “Dawn of the Dead” and seems like it will get back to the roots of the living dead. Much like that of the recent ZombiU, the background of the game brings us once again to the streets of London, England.

Here is what you can expect in terms of features:

  • Single mode and online multiplayer with humans vs zombies. (1)
  • 3D graphics with real animations in motion capture.
  • Actor voices and adrenalinic soundtrack for a terrifying play experience.
  • 9 levels to complete through the beautiful city of London.
  • Game based on an exciting and full of tension story with NPCs, main and secondary missions.
  • Gameplay full of horror, gore and death.
  • Hordes of zombies for a terrifying and breathless action.
  • Powerful melee and fire weapons to enjoy the zombies destruction experience.
  • Tons of achievements to unlock.
  • Worldwide leaderboard of the best players.
  • Text subtitles in 12 languages.
  • 100% DRM free.

Deadly Walkers is slated to release in 2013 and will be available for PC/Mac. The game is being developed by Animantz and Dysotek Games and will be featured on Steam Greenlight. Multiplayer will be pending the success of the Kickstarter campaign for the title.


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