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Published on April 4th, 2013 | by Kyle Spencer, Editor

Hitman: ICA App Revealed


IO Interactive has announced that Hitman fans can now track their career by way of the Hitman: ICA, an app available on iOS and Android mobile devices.

Players can browse Contracts, leaderboards, upgrade their weapons and unlock disguises all while on-the-go. The app will synchronize with the game, constantly updating you on your progress.

Key features of Hitman: ICA (via press release):

• VIEW, BUY AND UPGRADE weapons, purchase disguises and assess techniques from Hitman: Absolution – changes made will synchronize directly with the game.
• PLAN YOUR GAME ON THE GO – find custom made Contracts and push them to the Hitman: Absolution game.
• FOLLOW YOUR ACHIEVEMENTS from Hitman: Absolution and onwards to build up your contract killer career.
• MANAGE YOUR ASSASSIN NETWORK and follow up on the network of contract killers from anywhere in the Hitman franchise. The International Contract Agency has crucial global and local statistics, info, and analysis on every known assassination.
• GET ACCESS TO THE EXTENSIVE ICA DATABASE for helpful info on locations, targets etc. Learn about the Hitman legacy and follow the footsteps of Agent 47. Get insights to the secret ICA files with guides, tips and tricks on how to deal with targets.
• RECEIVE VALUABLE INFORMATION and get the latest updates about local and global performances and monitor your own.
• GET THE LATEST NEWS from The International Contract Agency community site and Hitman YouTube channel.

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