Published on April 3rd, 2013 | by G. Bargas, Managing Editor

Stinky is the New Way to Game

Regardless of how many times someone says “Stinkyboard” it still causes giggle riots. So, what exactly is this modern marvel of pedaled foot gaming? It’s almost a no-brainer that it’s a Kickstarter project (after all, Stinkyboard + Kickstarter = So many puns).

The pedal itself allows four additional keys/buttons to be mapped to the pad while still delivering the ability for players to rest their foot on top. Here are some of the benefits that the press release lists for the Stinky Pedal:

Benefits of the Stinkyboard controller include:

  • Allows simultaneous actions such as in FPS games players can strafe, change guns and throw a grenade without taking their fingers off the AWSD keys
  • Increases actions per minute (APMs) for RTS gamers
  • Makes it easier to access additional key bindings for MMO players
  • Shaves precious seconds off for eSports players
  • Simplifies controls for beginners

The project is exactly one month away from an end date on Kickstarter. The name doesn’t exactly flow. However, the pad itself offers good customization use for MMO players, and plenty of options for first person shooter fans. The bottom portion is holds adjustable spring tensions, offering even more effort to play how you like

The project is expecting a goal of $75,000. Currently, the pedal for your paw has managed to gain $10,000 in funding. There is still plenty of time for this pedal that even a hobbit would love.

Click here to visit the Kickstarter page!

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