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Zen Studios Shows off its New Title ‘CastleStorm’ in this Multiplayer Trailer

Rainbows are a sign of destruction, right? In the case of Zen Studios newest title in development–they are.

CastleStorm is a real-time strategy game with the premise being quite obvious. There’s nothing like bashing down the walls of a stone castle while a beautiful sky hangs overhead. CastleStorm shares similarities with games like Angry Birds however, there’s more than just flickin’ your red bird going on here.

The game is set to feature multiple online and co-op modes. Dawn your horned cap as a Viking, or grab a sword and shield as you defend as a Knight. Factions can attack each other’s castles in traditional RTS fashion. Since it is launching into the Xbox LIVE Arcade, there’s no doubt that its chock full of online modes. The 2D side-view shows off the opposing team’s quarters while they are pelted in the physics based environment. Everything from wild boars to giant rock tank creatures should keep you on your toes. Deflect and defend oncoming attacks to be crowned the victor.


Here are the modes you can expect as listed in the multiplayer announcement:

CastleStorm Multiplayer / Co-Op Modes

1 vs. 1 split-screen mode: simply try and beat your opponent by bashing in their castle. Choose your side (the noble Knights or the ragtag Vikings) and then choose your arsenal of weapons wisely. Face off, castle to castle and the first to completely demolish his or her opponent’s castle wins!

Survival Co-op: Two players team up to fight off waves of enemies together! Assign one player to control the ballista and the other to control ground forces. Good timing and great aim are essential in Survival Co-op as friendly fire could be harmful to your own troops on the ground.

Last Stand Co-op mode: Would you rather ditch the castle and do some hand-to-hand combat out in the battlefield? Check out the Last Stand Co-op mode where both players control a hero and battle wave after wave of enemies together! The object is to stay alive as long as you can, but remember, enemies can come from either side so be ready.

CastleStorm is currently being developed by Zen Studios and published by Microsoft Game Studios.
The game will release on the Xbox LIVE Arcade with a release date TBA.

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