Published on February 23rd, 2013 | by Brad Soo, Reporter

Rumor: Microsoft May Reveal Next-Gen Console In April


The announcement of the PlayStation 4 by Sony has received a lot of buzz around the Internet since Wednesday. Microsoft isn’t sitting still as it plans to launch a competitor to the PlayStation 4. Computers and Video Games reports that the PlayStation 4 launch “at first caught Microsoft off-guard” but as a result, Microsoft might react and reveal the Xbox 720 in early April.

With the Games Developers Conference taking place in March, just weeks before the rumored unveiling event of the Xbox 720, there is a high chance Microsoft might discuss the technology behind their next console at the GDC. The specifications of the Xbox 720 continue to stay a mystery despite plenty of public speculation.

What did you think of Sony’s Ps4¬†announcement and what are you looking for in Microsoft’s next-gen console?

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