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Published on February 20th, 2013 | by G. Bargas, Managing Editor

New DARK Box Art Revealed, But Not for PlayStation 3


During last year’s E3 show DARK was, well, in the dark. Not much was known about this would-be vampire enthusiast game, that was, until gameplay started to surface. Many started to see something special in this third-person role-playing game from Kalypso Media and it wasn’t just the vampires.

If you are unfamiliar with Kalypso Media, it is mostly known for the Tropico series and Sins of a Solar Empire. The newly announced game brings them into a different realm, providing a third-person action-adventures series hosting RPG elements. The gameplay and teasers for the game have easily increased Kalypso’s repertoire of titles, but it has also intrigued many. The news about the box art for the game has also brought on a bit of sad news for PlayStation owners.

Early on, the game looked like it was going to be published on all current-gen platforms and PC. From the newest set of box arts screens — as you can see for yourself — there is not a PlayStation 3 version included. The release also states that the game is coming to Xbox 360 and Windows PC. At this point it isn’t well known if the game is 100 percent canceled for the Sony based platform. Who knows, it could end up on a next-gen Sony console. That’s only speculation in line with rumors flying about a November release date behind the new ‘PlayStation’.

DARK is set to release on the Xbox 360 and PC June 2013.

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