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TRUTHrant: The March Dilemma Between the Prequels

There are not many games I could honestly say I am truly excited to play. I often seek something new and innovative. Current franchises are often just a rehash of the previous year. O few improvements to warrant me to spending my hard-earned cash for something that could have easily been DLC. This coming March, two triple-A games are being released from two classic franchises, Tomb Raider and Gears of War: Judgment. Both games are prequels to their respective franchises. Gears of War: Judgment, however, seems to fall victim of a rehash of the past three games despite a two-year absence, while Tomb Raider is setting itself to be one of those rare games where a reboot may be beneficial to the franchise.

Before you start firing off comments that I’m not a Gears fan and I’m being blasphemous of a game that isn’t yet released, the entire reason I bought a Xbox 360 is for the Gears of War franchise. I pre-ordered the special editions to ensure I get the most out of my Gears experience. Gears of War is the only series of games I religiously play online. I love the franchise, but Judgment fails to excite me. The only things being hyped about the game are changes to the multiplayer with the new class system and “Overrun” mode. These additions are simply not enough to excite my inner nerd. I want to be excited for Judgment, trust me, I really do.

When it comes to Tomb Raider, I wouldn’t consider myself to be a fan. I played the first and third Tomb Raiders back on  PlayStation One. I enjoyed the puzzle aspects but was not a big fan of the clunky combat. After that, Tomb Raider hasn’t interested me.

So why am I more excited to play Tomb Raider over Gears of War: Judgment?

A new Tomb Raider game has not been released since 2006. Up to Tomb Raider Legends, Lara Croft has essentially looked the same with few improvements to combat. With Legends, Crystal Dynamics changed the Tomb Raider formula to be more cinematic by including quick reaction moments that seamlessly blends the gameplay with cut scenes.

With the announcement of the new Tomb Raider prequel, it became clear Crystal Dynamics had made more dramatic changes to the franchise.

Gone are the familiar look of Lara Croft, the early 2000 graphics and clunky controls. Tomb Raider now carries a realistic look with a much darker tone set against the notion of survival. The controls seem to be similar to any other third-person shooter. Even this entire overhaul seems to very similar to the Uncharted franchise. The control mechanics do not seem new or innovative, however, Tomb Raider is setting itself to be a great game with Crystal Dynamic’s approach of providing a backstory to one of gaming’s classic characters.

Lara Croft has always been presented as a strong and athletic heroine. This time around, Lara is an innocent 16-year old girl. Her journey through this game allows players to see Lara unlike before. She displays fear, fatigue and the willingness to do anything in order to survive. Based on released trailers, gameplay and behind-the-scenes videos, she is faced with physical and psychological fears such as unwanted sexual advancements. This Tomb Raider is gritty, realistic and much darker than what we are used to in a Tomb Raider game. The game is shaping to be more than a prequel or reboot. It is a reimagining of a video game icon that will break Lara Croft out of her stereotype while, at the same time, providing a realistic back story to the Lara we grew up with. If Crystal Dynamic can pull it off, Tomb Raider has a potential to be one great game.

Tomb Raider is scheduled to be released on March 5. Gears of War: Judgment is schedule to hit the stores on March 19.

Stay tuned to GAMINGtruth.com for the latest updates and reviews for Gears of War: Judgment and Tomb Raider to see which game is worthy of your cash in March.


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