Published on February 5th, 2013 | by G. Bargas, Managing Editor

Injustice: Gods Among Us Invites You to the ‘Injustice Battle Arena’

Ever want to change the ending to a comic? Most of the time, evil doesn’t prevail. But what if you wanted evil to take the cake? The new Injustice: Gods Among Us vote could allow fans to do just that.

Every Monday, new combatants will be introduced to the weekly battles. It is then up to the fans to cast their votes and decide who will be crowned victorious in these superhero match-ups. Who wouldn’t want Bane to demolish the Batman, or maybe even Joker to smash, Flash? The match-ups are voted on throughout the week. Every Thursday night the votes will be counted and a video will be released portraying the outcome. Expect commentary, skills and attributes of each combatant to be introduced so that you too can make an educated vote.

There will be battles continuing for the next ten weeks, however, there is more to the contest than your vote as a deciding factor. Various prizes will be issued to those who participate in the weekly votes. Ah – can you smell that? the DC Comics free stuff is in the air.

If you’re interested, Click here to cast your vote. As mentioned above, here is your chance to put Bane in the winners seat. The trailer below features the Batman vs. Bane contest in the first trailer to kick off the campaign.

[jwplayer file= plugins=”agegate-2″]

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