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Published on February 4th, 2013 | by Mark Gibson, Editor/Community Manager

Madden 13 Correctly Predicts Baltimore’s Three point Victory

For the last ten years, the EA Sports Madden Football franchise has been predicting the outcome of the Super Bowl by simulating that year’s respected matchup. The results have been staggering. Madden has correctly predicted the results of eight of the last 10 Super Bowls.

Last night in New Orleans, the Baltimore Ravens emerged victorious over the San Francisco 49ers with a 34-31 victory in Super Bowl XLVII. This year’s matchup simulation with Madden 13 correctly predicted a Ravens win by three points and quarterback Joe Flacco being crowned MVP.

While this prediction in itself is impressive, the accuracy in stats doesn’t stop there. Madden 13 was near perfect in the prediction of San Francisco quarterback Colin Kapernick’s stat line. In fact, the game correctly predicted a Frank Gore touchdown and the only interception by Baltimore’s Ed Reed. Madden also correctly predicted an Anquan Boldin touchdown.

The only thing the game couldn’t predict was the blackout that occurred in the third quarter which lasted about 30 minutes. If you were watching the game, it was quite a bizarre scenario.

As for our own predictions, our very own D’Juan Irvin (Editor/Founder) was only a few points off from a perfect call with his prediction of 31-28, Baltimore victory. Our own Madden 13 simulation wasn’t too close with a score prediction, but all three of our sims resulted in a Baltimore win.

Earlier last week, EA Sports announced Madden 25, which will be coming August of this year. This will replace the expected Madden 14 name and game.

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