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Published on February 3rd, 2013 | by Mark Gibson, Editor/Community Manager

Our Super Bowl Predictions (With the Help of Madden 13)

The Super Bowl, a time for friends and family to get together over a matchup dating back to 1961. Tonight, Super Bowl XLVII will kick off in New Orleans as the Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers battle for the coveted Vince Lombardi trophy.

Earlier this week, EA Sports released their predictions of the matchup by simulating the Super Bowl with Madden 13. The conclusion was a Ravens victory by a field goal in the fourth quarter.

As the staff here at GAMINGtruth made our own predictions, we also simulated the Super Bowl with Madden 13 in a best out of three scenario. Surprisingly, the Ravens pulled off a win all three times.

Here are our simulation results:

Sim One: Baltimore 27 – SF 21

Sim Two: Baltimore 14 – SF 13

Sim Three: Baltimore 30 – SF 17

The most surprising game was the second sim with the Ravens victory by one point. In fact, this was the only simulation that held a close matchup. The 49ers had the ball in the final drive of the game in the fourth quarter, but quarterback, Colin Kaepernick threw a pick on a 3rd and goal.

It’s interesting to see that Madden 13 is so confident that Baltimore is the better team, but the GT staff picks beg to differ. Here are our predictions:

D’Juan Irvin (Editor/Founder): 31 – 28, Baltimore

Cameron Woolsey (Editor in Chief): 27 – 24, SF

Greg Bargas (Managing Editor): 34 – 31, SF

Mark Gibson (News Editor): 24 – 17, SF

Chris Ramirez (Editor): 21 – 17, Baltimore

Kyle Spencer (Editor): 21 – 20, Baltimore

Louis Garcia (Editor): 27 – 21, SF

Danny Concepcion (Contributor): 31 – 21, SF

What are your predictions for tonight’s game? Can Baltimore pull off a victory or does San Francisco have this matchup on lock-down?

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