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Published on February 1st, 2013 | by G. Bargas, Managing Editor

New PlayStation Indie Cross-Platform and Free-to-Play

The PlayStation Network is slowly becoming the go to place for online multiplayer. If you thought that PlayStation Plus owners were the only ones to get free games–think again.

The developer known as Bloober Team (a Swedish developer) is bringing in a F2P title that will satisfy both PlayStation 3 and PS Vita owners. Deathmatch Village is a presumed to be brawler but hasn’t shown much other than the logo for the title. The game promises melee weapons galore and online battles. Players will be able to battle it out in an arcade style arena and turn around and customize loadouts for characters before they launch. The game promises “…dozens of weapons, items and skills to use liberally” implying that mayhem is inevitable.

The game does however host cross-play features giving PS Vita and PlayStation 3 owner’s functionality. Other features, such as Cross-Save, will deliver on-the-go saves. Pick up where you left off on the road and continue on your home console. The game is yet again; free to download, so bringing it to either device should take more than a few steps and no need to purchase it twice.

Deathmatch Village is slated to release Q2 in 2013.

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