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Published on January 28th, 2013 | by G. Bargas, Managing Editor

EA Sports’ Madden 13 Simulation Prediction: Ravens Win the Super Bowl

American football fans are some of the most diehard fans on the planet. When you mess with someones team, you’ll often find that you are taking jabs at their sanity. Now, what happens when you let something without human emotions predict the outcome of a game? Well, Baltimore Ravens (27) – San Francisco 49ers (24), crowning the east coast team as champions of Super Bowl XLVII.

So, what exactly solidified one Harbaugh’s win over the other? Well, this likely outcome with both defenses cranking on all cylinders:

“Baltimore wasn’t about to let the 49ers spoil Ray Lewis’ retirement party though, methodically moving the ball down the field on the back of Ray Rice and capping the drive with a 40-yard field goal from rookie kicker Justin Tucker to push the Ravens ahead 27-24. The 49ers made one last attempt at capturing their sixth Lombardi Trophy, but an Ed Reed interception of a pass from Colin Kaepernick with ten seconds remaining capped the Ravens’ second Super Bowl title in franchise history and proved once more that defense wins championships.”–EA Sports Simulation

Something interesting about these predictions has been found in the accuracy. Although, either team or fan doesn’t want to listen to the news that would throw a wrench in their superstitious pre-game warm-up, the simulations have been quite accurate over the years. Many times, the predictions have been so close that it’s spooky. Here are the stats according to the release:

“The EA SPORTS Madden NFL Super Bowl Prediction continues to be one of the most accurate prognosticators of the NFL’s biggest game. The prediction has accurately called seven of the last nine Super Bowls, and was two points away from predicting the exact final score of the 2009 matchup between the Steelers and Cardinals.”–EA Sports Simulation

Even with the accuracy, there is no way to tell one hundred percent just who is going to pull off the big ‘W’ on game day. Emotions and physicality are running on extra high. Fans are flooding the airwaves with karma, both good and bad. You might be wrapped in your 49er snuggie or lounging in your Ravens lair. It’s the Super Bowl. It’s no ordinary game, and much a game where anything can happen–will.

Stay tuned as we get closer to kickoff. We here at GAMINGtruth will also simulate the game and deliver our take on the events.

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