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Published on January 22nd, 2013 | by Shawn Long, Features Editor

TRUTHrant: The Nintendo 3DS Library Has Terrible Variety


Let me first start out by saying, I love the Nintendo 3DS. I was at a Walmart on launch night, myself and a friend were the only two people there to get one. The technology behind it is amazing, and it’s a great successor to the Nintendo DS in terms of hardware. That being said, why the hell does the variety in the library suck so bad?

The Nintendo 3DS has some of the best fighting games available, and most came at launch, or shortly thereafter. Super Street Fighter IV, Tekken 3D: Prime Edition, and Dead or Alive Dimensions were all well represented and had excellent iterations on the system. Action fans had everything from Cave Story to Super Mario 3D Land, right down to revamped Nintendo 64 classics like The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Starfox 64 3D.

At first, it seemed to carry on the tradition of the DS, which was a large library and wide variety in terms of genre, that appeal to just about everyone. But then, I realized something–it didn’t. Three key markets have been left out in the cold, and it doesn’t seem like there is an end in sight for this, which baffles me.

Sports Games- Where are the damn sports games?

At launch, there was a hodgepodge version of Madden that showed what the 3DS was capable of, and then that was it. Excluding FIFA soccer, there has been nothing since. No hockey, no football, no NBA. As an avid NBA fan, this one REALLY gets to me. You had all those half-assed PSP ports of NBA 2K, which I still play and love, yet I can’t get a 3DS version? Are you lazy? Is the demographic not there? I don’t understand it.

The 3DS might not be a graphical powerhouse for these types of games, but that didn’t stop Madden from showing up on the DS for a few years. The PSP versions of Madden and 2K Sports didn’t sell very well, but they still pumped them out year after year. I want hoops on the go. I want NBA 2K on my 3DS along with other sports games.

Driving games-No, not “kart” games, real driving games.

Aside from a poorly done Need for Speed, a decent Ridge Racer, Driver and Asphalt (all either launch titles or close to launch), there has been SQUAT for driving games.

The DS had such variety with kart games and more realistic ones, too. Games such as as DiRT 2, Corvette Evolution GT, Juiced, the MX vs ATV series, and a TON of Need for Speed games proved just that. I’m not saying all of these titles were good, I’m just saying they were there if you wanted them. The 3DS, a much more capable system, has had nothing but rubbish. Once again, is there any reason why I can’t have a proper driving game on the ‘3DS? Why has Nintendo not thought about all the racing fans who play Gran Turismo or Forza and said, “Hey, we should try that too!” Something, ANYTHING is better than nothing, which is what racing fans are pretty much stuck with right now.

Finally, we have the most OBVIOUS choice for a 3DS game: The First-Person Shooter.

WHY HASN’T THERE BEEN ONE DAMN FIRST PERSON SHOOTER ON THIS SYSTEM!? A freaking Metroid Prime: Hunters demo came with the DS to say “Hey, we got some cool FPS games coming!” Call of Duty and  Metroid Prime: Hunters had huge cult followings. Even more obscure titles like Dementium 1 & 2 and Moon were FPS games, albeit without online multi-player. You have a system that replicates 3D images, and you can’t think of a clever way to utilize this in a FPS title? The CLOSEST thing we have is the sniper rifles in the two Resident Evil games, and they worked amazingly and were just brilliant. The Call of Duty games on DS had huge followings on GameFAQS (the forums in which I visited most) and while they weren’t great by any means, they were serviceable and satisfied the needs gamer’s in their respective genres. Now everyone who upgraded hoping for future iterations is left doing just that. Hoping.

Final Truth:

Truth be told, I do love the Nintendo 3DS, I just think companies are phoning in when it comes to these specific genres. Role playing games are another weak genre on the system, but at least they are coming to a slow trickle.

The PS Vita, which has had terrible sales, at least got a damn Call of Duty game, so why can’t the LARGER user base of the Nintendo 3DS get the same treatment? Circle Pad Pro can be used for dual analog, or use the touch screen like in the DS iterations. These genres need to be well represented, and I think it’s a potential gold mine for any gaming company to take the system seriously in these three genres.


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