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Published on January 21st, 2013 | by G. Bargas, Managing Editor

Editorial | Just Laws Yourself in a Game

It’s fair to say that video games are violent. Boom, case closed. They have blood, gore and the like.

Now what? There is no doubt that the current generation and beyond have grown up surrounded by a digital world. Even in my time, I’ve gone from playing Super Mario Bros. 3 and browsing AOL on a 56K modem to killing zombies with knives and creating 50-car pile-ups in an urban setting. But, our society says these things “desensitize” and create “fake worlds” in which we cannot comprehend or digest what is real and what is play. So, instead, let’s create a list of rules/legislation that prohibits these things for the sake of the kids. It’s for the kids!

It doesn’t matter who makes the rules — the rules are meant to be broken. Much like a parent telling a child “no” for doing something wrong, game developers — indie and beyond — still have the ability to work around these. PC modding isn’t going to halt because the mayor of “This-stuff-is-bad-for-you” waves his finger and demands a restructuring of our current set of laws.

Many times, the easiest way to solve an issue is to blame the games. “The games made me do it!” argument is really starting to chap my hide. It’s growing old and is worse than a canker sore on the tip of your tongue or burning your mouth with a scorching hot beverage. It’s bothersome, and we as a society need to sack-up and take one on the chin for the wimpy parenting that made this lost soul commit a crime. It isn’t fair to a generation to be babied their whole life and then explode when the world becomes too hard for them to handle.

As far as new legislation goes, the government has no right to impede creative development in the pursuit to choose what’s “right” for us. Yeah, there is another law on the table and this shit is getting out of hand. It’s just as bad as a person going on a shooting spree. Lawmakers have no consideration or thoughts of anyone else other than the point trying to be proved with a drastic display of power. The idiom “The pen is mightier than the sword” has never ringed so true. Instead, it seems like a battle to prove whose “pen” is bigger. “Oh, shoot up a school will you…laws for everyone!” Bullied? I’ve been bullied for most of my life due to my weight/other physical appearances.

Mental illness? I’ve battled clinical depression most of my life, something in which has impacted multiple generations in my family. Somehow, amidst the elements and equations that should have landed me in a school wielding a pistol to solve my problems, I didn’t. Why? Because, there is a difference between right and wrong. Not because mommy and daddy kept bad things from me. Not because “gaming made me do it” or because I “saw it in a movie!” Video games are interactive forms of entertainment. Movies have reached somewhat of a plateau. We are hanging on to them like any hoarder or person caught in deep emotional denial that our favorite thing might have reached its limitations. 

Final Truth:

Instead of creating something to safeguard people, it is yet another attempt to walk on eggshells so little Billy or Julie doesn’t get their feelings hurt. If you treat kids like there is something wrong with them, they are going to think something is wrong with them. This is what’s best for the kids?

Parents and lawmakers, grow up.

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