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Published on January 14th, 2013 | by G. Bargas, Managing Editor

Dead Space 3 Dev Team Edition Will Enjoyably Kill Your Wallet

There’s no doubt that the Dead Space series has delivered superb survival horror. The fact that you are doing so in the airless vacuum of space, well, that just adds to the anxiety. Something that should bring you right back down to earth and delve into the series’ third installment is the officially announced Dead Space 3 Dev Team Edition.

We’re super excited to team-up with Treehouse and make something extra special for gamers that have been supporting us since the first Dead Space game,” says Steve Papoutsis, VP and GM of Visceral Games. “We, as a development team, really wanted to put our personal touch on these exclusive items so that they feel authentic and meaningful to our passionate fan base.

While other limited edition packs come stacked with characters, art and maybe that tidbit of developer info, this one however is all about the dev team. I’m liking the fact that you can buy it separately from the game itself. If you buy the game used or are lucky enough to get it as a gift, then you’ll only have to shell out a Benjamin to have all the goodies to yourself. The kit with the game will retail at $160 and the kit alone, $100.

The Treehouse Brand Stores offers a few other gaming companies within its realm. Check out the Treehouse official site or the Dead Space 3 Dev Team Edition site for more details.

Here is what you can expect from the Dead Space 3 Dev Team Edition kit:

  • Includes the “First Contact” and “Witness the Truth” DLC packs.
  • Tin Collector’s Case: Measuring nearly 14”x9,” this case is covered with mysteries and trivia from all three Dead Space games, debossed with full color art based on the designs from Ben Wanat (Creative Director for Dead Space 3) and Dino Ignacio (UI Designer for Dead Space 3).
  • Serrano’s Journal: Dr. Earl Serrano’s journal full of clues and haunting artwork of his findings on Tau Volantis has come to life with exclusive content by Chuck Beaver (Story Producer on Dead Space 3).
  • [nggallery id=1014]

  • Art Book: A 4.75”x6.5” hardbound book containing 96 stunning full color pages, plus exclusive material from the Dead Space art department headed by Alex Muscat (Art Director for Dead Space 3).
  • [nggallery id=1012]

  • Flip Book “Data Pad:” A 10”x7” book with a metal cover that contains 9 image sets made with clear PET cover sheets over heavy-weight cardstock. The flip book was designed by Dino Ignacio to be a functional prop version of the Dead Space User Interface in the game.
  • [nggallery id=1013]

  • Marker Statue: A 8” hand-sculpted, custom-molded polyresin statue that’s coated in metallic paints to replicate the maddening glyphs of the Black Marker.
  • [nggallery id=1015]

  • Med-Pack: The med-pack in the game has been recreated as a 14 oz. PET water bottle, perfect for carrying your beverage of choice.
  • [nggallery id=1018]

  • Poster Pack: A set of three 5”x10” single-sided posters replicating the nostalgic posters found throughout Dead Space 3 that depict an older age of space travel.
  • [nggallery id=1017]

  • Postcard Set: A set of six 3.75”x6” Peng themed postcards, double-sided with art on the front and Dead Space-branded postcard information on the back.
  • [nggallery id=1016]

Dead Space 3 is set to launch February 5, 2013. Don’t forget, the Dead Space 3 demo launches Jan. 22 on the XBLA and Jan. 23 on the PSN.

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