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Published on January 3rd, 2013 | by Mark Gibson, Editor/Community Manager

Notre Dame and Oregon lead in the EA Sports NCAA Football Cover Vote

Round one of EA Sports’ NCAA Football Cover Vote is coming to an end this Monday, January 7 (2013 for those of you with a wicked hangover). Sports fans have been flocking to the EA NCAA Football Facebook page to vote. Out of the colleges up for the vote, 32 will advance to round two, and so far, Notre Dame and Oregon are leading the pack.

There is no real shock as to the schools that have made the cut. Schools like LSU, Ohio State, and Florida come as no surprise. However, sneaking into the hunt is Army, Navy, and Clemson–which were not predicted to pass the first round.

Here are the schools going to round 2 thus far:

1. Notre Dame 17. Alabama
2. Oregon 18. TCU
3. LSU 19. Miami
4. Ohio State 20. Utah
5. Texas A&M 21. Georgia
6. Nebraska 22. Oklahoma
7. Michigan 23. Missouri
8. Kansas State 24. Oregon State
9. Stanford 25. Georgia Tech
10. Penn State 26. Arkansas
11. Florida State 27. Iowa
12. West Virginia 28. Texas
13. Florida 29. Tennessee
14. Kentucky 30. Navy
15. Clemson 31. BYU
16. Wisconsin 32. Army

Teams who are officially advancing onto the second round of the NCAA Football Cover Vote will be announced on Facebook during halftime of the BCS National Championship game on Jan. 7.

There is still time to participate, so if you don’t see your school on the list so far, get on over to the NCAA Football Facebook page and cast your vote!

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