Published on December 21st, 2012 | by G. Bargas, Managing Editor

Moon Spider Shows that Gingers Have Angels, Not Souls

It isn’t often that a game can brand itself as a racer/puzzle/platformer. The team at Moon Spider Studio is showing us that there is a genre and Harold be thy name.

The game pits players in the role of Harold’s guardian angel. Your job is to then interact with the environment to ensure that he makes it to safety, no matter how clumsily or haphazardly he jets through each level. Avoid spikes, add a dash of flames–hey, it’s just like when I try to cook at home with my wife.

The art style of the game is unique. It’s funny, after looking at the new batch of screens I was left wondering, “But how does it play?” After watching the trailer, it plays just as cleanly as it looks. This is a great step for Moon Spider as it seems like they are going to be delivering a unique mix up of platformer and puzzler. Not to mention their newness as a developer to the industry.

Check out the gameplay trailer below. The screens come from the never before seen “Beach” level, putting players yet again in a pinch.

Harold is slated for release on console and PC 2013.

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