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Published on December 16th, 2012 | by Cameron Woolsey

Steam Community Game Guides Beta Live, Getting Updates Already

Some of you out there have played a game and felt that you knew more about it than most others. Or, at least, you could explain the game far more articulately than some of your peers. Often such thoughts led to creating your very own walkthrough at GameFAQs.

But would it be easier for you PC gaming, Steam-loving folks to do it all at the same place? Well, now you can. Steam announced that Steam Community Game Guides hit Beta on Friday. The company welcomes any and all gaming wordsmiths to drop by and share what they know regarding their favorite titles.

“You’ve probably got some favorite games that you play a lot and know pretty well. Or maybe you’ve mastered playing as a certain class or character in Team Fortress 2 or Call of Duty. Or maybe you’re just really good at finding all the hidden secrets in the latest Elder Scrolls game,” a Game Guides developer said. “How do you put that knowledge to use and help fellow gamers? Create a game guide on Steam!”

To start making your very own guide, all you have to do is join the Game Guides group:

On the same day, Steam announced that it received enough feedback to warrant an update. The details are below:

General Additions & Updates

  • Guides you create from now on will appear in your friends’ activity feed
  • The rating bar now sticks to the top of your browser when scrolling down a guide so you can rate or share the guide wherever you are down the page
  • Added “Guides” link to right column of profile and friends activity feed to help find the guides you have created or someone else when viewing their profile

Fixes to guide creation

  • Reducing size of description box. This should be a brief overview rather than the actual contents of your guide.
  • Fixed description field character limit.
  • Making youtube video names visible when selecting them to add to your guide.
  • Fixing encoding to allow for special characters.

Fixes to browsing guide listing

  • Updated the visuals for guide list
  • If you are viewing a guide and click on the tags in the right column, they now show guide listing that is properly filtered to that tag
  • Star ratings now show up on individual items in browse view
  • Fixed paging when browsing. Now remembers number per page.
  • Added a title to the browse page

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