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Missed the Nintendo Direct Feed and Want to Scuba Dive in Your Living Room? Check it Out Here

The Nintendo Wii U launch window still has plenty of gaming goodies in store. The window carries well into 2013, but talks and showcasing of these games are some of the reasons many nabbed a Wii U on launch day.

In this brief introduction followed by the games, Nintendo America President, Reggie Fils-Aime, sets us up to discover more about upcoming games like LEGO City: Undercover, Pikmin 3 , and Game & Wario.

Players looking to chime in the New Year with some fitness are in luck. Everyone’s favorite fitness software is back. This time Wii Fit U will make you feel guilty–I mean–encourage you to come revisit the game with its boasted 77 activities. Now that you’ve loafed around for the majority of the Holiday Season, you can now look forward to the early 2013 release of Wii Fit U.

First party Nintendo titles weren’t the only talk of the Miiverse. Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge helped kick off the Nintendo Wii U launch. The games Producer, Yosuke Hayashi, talks about some of the main characters of the game.

If you don’t own the latest Nintendo console, check out the bloody video as it may change your opinion on whether not it is just for kids.

Something that anyone can set their eyes upon is the Wii U Panorama View. The download gives you a full 360 degree view of a given area. Some of the examples shown are areas like downtown London and Kyoto, Japan. Nintendo is known for taking something as simple as the Wii U GamePad and utilizing it to transport players to areas like that of the streets of London.

The application will drop into the eShop later next year. For now, check out the tech demo in the video above and lookout for the demo to hit the Nintendo eShop.

Much like the Wii U Panorama View, the Google Maps Street View also promises “transport” like experiences on the GamePad. The video shows off some pretty slick and fluid movement from screened controller. A full map will also be displayed on your TV providing a learning experience that anyone can enjoy.

This makes me wonder about the Nintendo 3DS being capable of this feat. Who wouldn’t want to download a map of a given area and be able to use that when adventuring to a future destination? I’d love to stroll to the bottom of the ocean and know where exactly it is I’m at.


Speaking of the Nintendo 3DS…..

Did you really think they weren’t going to mention our handheld pal? The news encompassed a few games already known, and some recently relieved of the rumor shroud.

Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon gets another look. We learn a bit more about the details of the story taking place in Evershade Valley, as well as the characters of the game. Grab your Poltergust 5000 and get ready to suck! The game is set to launch Q1 2013.
Brain Age: Concentration Training looks to bring your focus back to square one. Five minutes of brain training will allow you, for a few minutes at least, to forget the emails, texts, and constant buzzing of your social networks. The premise is to bring your mind back to the real world and sharpen its processing power.

Alas, Fire Emblem: Awakening. The game was fully revealed during the last Nintendo Direct Feed, but this time the launch date isn’t shielded. The game is set to launch February 4, 2013.

Join Lord Chrom in the journey of a lifetime. He leads the Shepherd’s, a group of soldiers who defend the kingdom. The game encompasses many characters and quests, but is told in a unique way. The story is told through text conversations with various options in those conversation trees. Discover more about their roles and maybe even a side quest or two. The game also features both animated and in-game cut-scenes, giving players a sense of depth to the journey.

The combat system of the game looks to deliver in many ways. Having characters positioned strategically by themselves is always something on a RPG masters mind. In this case, characters can be paired together and set out on the battlefield to be played as a giant unit. The option to control each smaller unit changes the standard ‘Attack’, ‘Heal’, and ‘Wait Turn’ concept of other games in the genre.

If it’s more games you are looking to add to your Nintendo 3DS unit then the New Super Mario Bros. 2 content should suffice. The content comes at no additional charge for a limited time. The levels come as a thanks to players for gathering over three hundred billion coins. The content packs are available for free until January 31, 2013 and are available now via the in-game shop. Visit today and you’ll also notice the three new Coin Rush mode levels.




One other honorable mention is the platformer/rhythm game, Harmonite. The game is developed by GameFreak, which is the company behind the Pokémon series. The digital title looks like it is going to be a blast in drop D and should really strike a chord with gamers.

The new launch titles and developing titles promise to give the Wii U a kick start on its New Year resolution to be a console for everyone. It has already made its way amongst the hardcore consoles in my gaming collection and was a no-brainer when it came time to pick one up. It has already served as a worthwhile endeavor and I foresee it becoming more involved with my daily gaming habits.

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