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Published on November 5th, 2012 | by Cameron Woolsey

Skyrim ‘Dragonborn’ DLC Revealed with Trailer

Bethesda has officially revealed the next DLC pack for Skyrim, called Dragonborn.

By now Skyrim fans should know the legend of the Dragonborn well. They should also know that they were not the first to bear the title.

The original Dragonborn has returned and I don’t think it’s for a friendly chat over ale.

The DLC will come with new armor and weapons, as well as dragon mounts. Yes, dragon mounts. I’m forgetting that dull Hearthfire pack already.

Dragonborn will open up a familiar area for longtime fans of the series. The pack will open up Solstheim, the island that was featured in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind‘s second expansion, Bloodmoon.

The pack will be launch on the Xbox 360 on Dec. 4 for 1600 MS Points ($20). As usual, no release dates for other versions have been revealed.

Check out the official trailer below:

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