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Published on October 25th, 2012 | by Shawn Long, Features Editor

TruthRant: Why I am NOT buying WWE ’13

GAMINGtruth.com readers are well aware of my disdain for the current WWE games.

What once was a thriving genre, wrestling games have plummeted in quality lately due to questionable choices and shoddy programming. Although the footage of WWE ’13 appears to be promising, don’t let the glamour and glitz fool you. What’s buried below this game is the same old garbage we are used to. These are my reasons as to why I am NOT buying WWE 13.

Want to play as Number 1 Contender Ryback? YOU MUST WAIT!

1. The Roster

The WWE Champion, CM Punk, will be defending his title on October 28th, 2012, against a wrestler named Ryback in a Hell in the Cell match. For those who don’t know, this WWE match involves a steel cage surrounding the entire ring and outside area. Looking forward to replicating that match when you get WWE ’13? Well guess what? You will have to wait.

Ryback isn’t a part of the roster. No, he will be included in the downloadable content that releases in November. You have to pay for him. The current US Champion, Antonio Cesaro, has to be purchased too. Don’t worry though; you only have to wait till JANUARY to get him. Are you kidding me? I have three versions of Triple H, but I can’t play as a number one contender and the US Champion on release day? AND I HAVE TO PAY!? Get outta here THQ.

Wow, never seen this before!

2. Attitude Era Mode

No more Road to WrestleMania modes, or unique story lines developed by THQ–because now you have the Attitude Era Mode. You know, the stuff that happened 15 years ago that and know how it plays out? So there is no mystery? What a crock.

Yes, the inclusion of Attitude Era wrestlers is nice, but they take up too much of the roster to begin with. My main problem is the fact that every semi-wrestling fan has watched the footage of the events thousands of times and knows the story lines by heart. Oh wow, The Undertaker throwing Mick Foley off the top of the Hell in a Cell structure, I’ve never seen that before! Oh, I have? Well now I get to see it in….video game form. YAY!

It’s funny, because while the Attitude Era has some of the most vicious and ruthless story lines and matches in wrestling history, it’s such a stark contrast to the current product of today. It doesn’t fit in to the ‘PG’ Era of WWE that we are presented with today. This should have been a separate game, not over taking the current new release.

3. Same Toilet, New Lid

Go ahead, go on YouTube and watch some footage of WWE ’13. Go on! Right now! I’ll wait for you to come back. And don’t look at THQ footage of the game, look at footage taken by actual people playing the game. I’ll be here waiting.

Did you see it? I know you did. The familiar animations, entrances, character models, and moves. It’s got a shiny new paint job, a few new matches, but look at the game deeper. It’s the same game. The developers boast that there are “300” new animations. That’s fine, but you ALSO have to factor in that there are wrestlers that haven’t been in the games previously, such as the aforementioned Ryback, Antonio Cesaro, Damien Sandow, plus the Attitude Era wrestlers.

So, how many animations does that boil down to for repeat offenders in the series? From what I’ve seen–not that many. Sure, Randy Orton can now do mid-air RKO’s, which is a nice addition, but I want more than that.

I want something…different.

I’ve been playing WWE games since WWF WrestleMania on the NES. Ever since the Smackdown vs RAW franchise was born, it’s been all downhill for the series. It’s become a common sports game, with a roster update, a few new bells and whistles, but still the same core gameplay. And unlike franchises such as Madden and NBA 2K, the core gameplay in this series is stagnant, boring, and showing its age.

WWE ’13 had a lot of promise, but at the end of the day, it looks to be another waste of time. People will buy it, many sites will give it ratings it doesn’t deserve, but at the end of the day it’s still the same crap that THQ has been spewing for years now.

Hopefully one day we will see a game built from the ground up that actually uses this generation’s technology to make it an interactive, deep wrestling game. For now, we are stuck with the same old crap, and there is unfortunately no end in sight.

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21 Responses to TruthRant: Why I am NOT buying WWE ’13

  1. Zack says:

    I bet your still gonna buy it

  2. Frisco Stylez says:

    I say this with the utmost respect. Who cares if little old Shawn Long doesn’t buy WWE 13′? I certainly don’t. In terms against your first complaint. Ya I think it sucks that Cesaro and Ryback get pushes now, the only problem is they already had a list of folks that were designed to be on the game already and by that time Cesaro and Ryback were probably barely getting dark matches. Since it sounds like you know about playing the game but obviously doesn’t sound like you know how to make or design one, lemme break it down for you chief…It takes time to actually design a character to include their moves and develop them. This is why, folks that have long been off the roster (I.E. The Bella Twins, Kharma, etc.) Now that you know that, your first complaint is slightly mute.

    Your 2nd complaint…Why in the bluest of all hell would they make a game just based on the attitude era alone? They might as well include the 80’s and pre-attitude folks to…And then you would see that game was already made…It was called Legends of Wrestlemania and it was slightly weak. You’ve got to be in the one percent of people that actually enjoyed the terribly made Road to Wrestlemania, but to each his own, Why keep doing something that doesn’t work? Because they’d hear your complaint either way. I am personally glad they’re going back to the Attitude Era, as a wrestling fan, I think that’s where most of my fondest Wrestling memories come from and no offense I think the masses would rather play the storyline of Mankind being tossed off the Hell and a Cell and go down memory lane, than play the Cena losing to Punk for the 80th time. Talk about something old? That’s basically what Raw vs. Smackdown to Raw vs. Smackdown 10′ is about.

    Listen dude, your complaints makes very little sense and at the end of the day, why come down on something you never played? I mean unless you’re not a WWE fan but after seeing some of your comments I’m guessing you know a bit. However your “TruthRant” basically sounds like a nonsensical rambling on how closed minded of a person you are…

    Stay with Final Fantasy 82 and leave WWE 13 alone til’ it comes out.

    • Frisco, appreciate the input! I understand it takes time to create these games, as I am in the industry. My main point is, it’s the same damn game. I don’t need to play it, I can look at the footage and mistake it for WWE 12 or SVR 2011.

      The roster problems SHOULD upset you. It’s not about who’s getting a push, it’s about someone being on the active roster should be in the completed game. Answer me this, if it’s such a problem to get Ryback or Cesaro in, why the hell are their character models already done, and their moves already programmed? That doesn’t seem suspicious to you? Do you like spending extra money on things that should at the very LEAST be day 1 FREE DLC?

      I understand at the end of the day this is a series for THQ, but that doesn’t mean they should half ass it because they are the only real wrestling game in town in the US.

    • The worst wwe game was wwe 12 cuz it kept freezing

  3. David West says:

    Almost everyone who I know who plays this game does so to create either their own wrestlers, recreate wrestlers in other leagues like NJPW, TNA, RoH, etc., make characters based on comic books or other media (Obama vs Mitt Romney in Hell in a Cell anyone?) , or form leagues and stream the content like we are planning on doing with Lagspike Wrestling.

    Road to Wrestlemania was only used to unlock content for making characters. Other unlocks were either for those racking up XBox points, or to unlock content.

    So, we’re purchasing it (my friends and me).

    • Glad to hear that buddy, my favorite moments from wrestling games are creating other wrestlers. Before DLC and the Online system, I had an extensive ECW roster on my Smackdown vs Raw 2008 to go along with the originals included in the game. New Jack beat the piss out of John Cena very often ūüėČ

  4. BenCHPress says:

    I don’t really have time to get into it at the moment, i might come back and comment further tomorrow, but I have the game. I wasn’t a fan of WWE 12, I love WWE 13. You’re really off the mark with this, sorry.

  5. I lol at you says:

    If you don’t like it, just shut the fuck up and don’t buy it. Nobody gives a shit and TQH can more than live with it. You don’t matter. How’s THAT?

  6. Santiagonfc says:

    No disrespect because you have good points but not with the game being bad the only thing I like in this article is the “having to pay for DLC that should be FREE” Ryback, Antonio, & the usos they should basically all be free.. we’re spending enough money to buy the game…
    Other than that totally disagree with everything else. Road To wrestle mania was so dull & boring if you really complain about having moments of the attitude era recreated you must have a screw lose i’ve seen a video of a cut scene from it & it’s the perfect addition to the game. As for the wrestling. They just added a new engine last year of course it’s not gonna be perfect but it’s still pretty damn great. You haven’t even played the game & you’re saying it’s horrible which makes some of the readers think it’s crappy when everyone that I’ve talked to who’ve played the demo & somehow got the game before release say it’s one of the best games they made in awhile. So to all the Readers that believe this article & think it’s bad don’t agree with someone who hasn’t even played it & still probably talks about here comes the pain… Can’t wait to get this game!

  7. Nameless says:

    Quit bitching and whining. Ryback and Antonio Cesaro are not included in the default roster because of their late debut. It takes about 3 months to build a new character model from the start and there wasn’t time to put the new US champion or WWE champion’s 1# contender in the game in such a short notice. be glad they atleast made it to the DLC roster. Also, I don’t know much about making games, but I know you can’t add 2000 new moves to a game by just snapping your fingers. In the timeline they have, they have made a great job so far. Of course the final judgement can be given when it has come out, but so far so good. And when you look at it, pretty much every sport game looks the same every year with different people and few new features. Heck, many games from the same series look the same, they just have different surroundings, characters and few added features. It’s not like Here Comes The Pain was all different from Shut Your Mouth. There’s no point on talking shit about a game because it’s not build 100% from the scrap.

  8. Mike Brown says:

    I totally agree with your first point. Making us have to pay extra for different DLC packs also affects the compatibility of online matches: i purchased the wwe’12 fan axxis last year which included all the DLC and was frustrated because you can’t join in on a match unless everyone playing has the same DLC. There’d be this message “Cannot join because DLC is different”. That was enough to make me trade that game in after realizing most of my online time was wasted waiting for matches to sync, plus more often than not, there are too many of those hackers out there that cheat and ruin the online experience and THQ does nothing about it. They aren’t getting my money this year, i hope their sales go down so they’re forced to improve their product and give more value to the paying customer.

  9. Mike Brown says:

    Exactly! Not having a current line-up of actively competing wrestlers is like playing Madden without your line-backer that’s signed to a contract to play for that team, or like playing NHL hockey without your star defenseman- but not to worry, you can pay for the DLC to get him and complete your roster. That’s a bunch of crap man!

  10. Mohd Hanifah says:

    thq doesnt even know punk will face ryback in october 28th. how do u expect them to include ryback in the in-game roster just to make sure people can recreate the match between him and punk? and who cares about ryback while the game have plenty of talented superstars of the attitude era?

  11. jerry says:

    call of duty , halo, madden, NBA, FIFA all this games are the same but nobody gives a crap of that they still want to buy it all the new games because they love this games , they are fans so shut up .

  12. wwe13 says:

    I have to say that what I read is a bunch if bulls!@t. U think I don’t know that stuff already. Most games do get that new paint job. Big deal. If u are a fan u will buy that game. But I don’t see u makin a game that’s so f!$&in great. Till then shut tha hell up

  13. Ok listen dude. There are always gonna be haters like you trying to discourage everyone who wants to buy this game. Unless you have played it then you cant judge it. Yes wwe 12 had its downside but I think wwe 13 will be better. So dont buy it but Im not gonna quit playing or buying these games becuz one person doesnt like it. I think it will be the best we have seen in awhile and I like the fact that you can replay the classic attitude era. It will be a great game

  14. this game us great u got to be out of ur fuckin mind the graphics r great the sound is great the create an stages us fun cuz if u feel like playin the original smackdown make te old arena

  15. Racs Collins says:

    These are your reasons for not buying the game? These are your reasons? What about the fact that WWE games have been removing moves ever since Here Comes the Pain and even when they add new ones. They still take away several nice ones. Pretty soon you’d won’t be able to create any original guys with their own distinct move sets.

  16. Thesis says:

    I too have been playing wrestling video games since nes and snes though I was more of a pro wrestling guy on nes opposed to wwf or wcw. Now at the age of 28 I’ve played the majority of domestic wrestling games. Last wwe game I owned and played was SVR 08. Just purchase a copy of WWE 12 for $20 and spent more then that on DLC. The improvements are the new engine which I enjoy, but I didn’t like WWE 12 much. So I rented WWE 13 last night and was satisfied.

    New engine = Sim

    Generic moves for wrestlers (vandamintor for hbk?)(kane performing a seated dropkick?)
    Character models
    sub system
    lack of triple jump moonsault

    Spent about 30 hrs on WWE12 and 8HRS on WWE13

    They are pretty much the same game, but the attitude roster, CAA (EC DUB EC DUB) brought an old gamer back to the franchise.

    I love the new engine though it can become repetitive, but if you play the game as it was design and not HCTP. The series has evolved almost perfectly for sim heads.

    It’s pretty fucking awesome to be a catch as can wrestler and work on a limb to get the submission only to get small package for the 1-2-3…………kid

    And the mini game adds to this dynamic as well.

    I would definitely buy like I will later today. Good weekend

    • Thesis says:

      I would definitely say the sub system needs work, but even MMA games have moderate level of success with sub system.

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