Published on October 24th, 2012 | by Derek Strickland, Contributor

New Updates Coming to Resident Evil 6

Capcom’s latest chapter in their iconic zombie-slaying franchise Resident Evil 6 has had a considerable amount of complaints from gamers that range from camera controls to various in-game elements, many of which were exposed in our official review. Capcom has heard the outcry and responds to the overwhelming feedback with a massive update that promises to fix a few of the major gripes.

The update will be available mid-December 2012 and includes the following improvements:

  • New Camera Adjustments: Players can now adjust the camera angles and zoom in/out to give a greater field of view. We all know that in games like Resident Evil that the camera is an essential tool for survival, and this has been a major concern for gamers in RE6.
  • New Subtitle Options: Subtitles have been improved so that English audio can be combined with subtitles in a different language.
  • Ada Wong’s Campaign Unlocked: Ada’s campaign experience will be unlocked from the start of the game and have an option player-controlled co-operative partner added in. Previously gamers had to complete all three campaign stories to unlock Ada’s campaign…but not any more!
  • New”No Hope” Difficulty Level: The new “No Hope” difficulty setting provides gamers with an extreme challenge, allowing them to experience a shockingly hard version of RE6.

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Keep in mind that these updates are still in development and are not in their final stages, so they may very well change in terms of content and how they affect overall gameplay. New features may be added, removed, or changed at any time, but these are the general additions that Capcom has announced. For more information be sure to check Resident



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