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Published on October 18th, 2012 | by Chris Ramirez, Editor

Lights, Camera, Party! DLC Announced

The fun never stops with Lights, Camera, Party! Available today, Firma Studios released DLC for one of the best party games GAMINGtruth has played on the PlayStation Move. The Good, the Bad and the Monkey! pack includes 10 new minigames as well as a new game mode, The Duel.

The Duel puts players head-to-head in six round-minigames. All of the minigames from the original game and DLC will also show up in The Duel mode.

Each of the new minigames push the PlayStation Move functionality even more. The themes of the new minigames are even crazier than what we saw out of the original game. Check them out below (from the press release):

  1. Eating corn on a cob (as a monkey!)
  2. Shaking the hell out of a banana-shooting coconut tree
  3. Stopping a rampaging Funzaur using a laser-beaming satellite
  4. Keeping Ape TV’s studio afloat by fixing its monkey-busted monitors
  5. Assembling a snowman for Clovis, because you just love that dog SO MUCH
  6. Putting out your flaming monkey crewmen with a hose…inside the studio
  7. Dodging incoming ghosts
  8. Blasting aliens with Billy the Lightkid!
  9. Taking part in an epic skiing action reel
  10. Surprising Funzaur before he wakes up!

The Good, the Bad, and the Monkey! is available on the PlayStation Network for $4.99.

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