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Published on October 16th, 2012 | by G. Bargas, Managing Editor

Square-Enix Wants to Feed a Fan French Fries

Final Fantasy celebrated its 25th Anniversary this year, kicking it off at none other than PAX Prime. Maybe you sported a crafty Cloud costume as you lugged that huge sword around the show floor. If you weren’t at the celebration and didn’t get a chance to drag your blade around, there is still an opportunity for you to show your love for the series.

You might be glad you didn’t throw away that giant Chocobo made from scratch, or Tidus outfit that is still hanging in your closet that you just can’t seem to throw away.

Both of these things might make you a Final Fantasy fan in general, but what about the ultimate fan? Whether your room is decorated from floor to ceiling with memorabilia from all of the gripping tales, there’s nothing like being the fan-of-all-fans. Now, Square-Enix is looking to reward your life long endearment of its proclaimed RPG series.

You might be wondering what the ultimate fan might have to do to win, or what exactly you have the chance of winning. All you’ve got to do is throw together a 30-60 second video showcasing what makes you that fan.

If you’ve got the MP to dazzle the judges your name will show up in the credits of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. Not only that, but they will also receive two tickets to the “Distant Worlds: music from FINAL FANTASY” concert held January 12, 2013 in Paris, France.

Click here for all of the information on how you can be crowned the Final Fantasy Super fan.

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