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Published on October 4th, 2012 | by G. Bargas, Managing Editor

New Dishonored Trailer Shows off Routes to Retaliate

There is no doubt that Bethesda is bringing its own signature blend of role playing to the upcoming title, Dishonored. The game flourishes in every aspect of choice making, giving players a not-so-linear approach on how to off your enemies. This is the aside from the collection of weaponry and techniques to do so that lie in your characters arsenal.

Don’t believe us? Our first outing with the game occurred at E3 2012, and from that point on, every trailer and screen for the game has brought us more and more excitement. The game looks to stretch the imagination on just how you can kill off each and every one of those steam punks. The trailer below shows off just that.

Make sure to stay tuned for the official GAMINGtruth review landing in just a few short days.

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