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Published on October 1st, 2012 | by Mark Gibson, Editor/Community Manager

Tryst Review

Publisher: BlueGiant Interactive
Developer: BlueGiant Interactive
Genre: RTS, Action, Indie
Platform: PC
MSRP: $24.99

Review Notes: A game code was received for review purposes.

Tyst is a Sci-Fi real time strategy (RTS) game that puts you in the midst of a war on the planet Ishtonia IV between the Human race and mechanical aliens known as the Zali. At first glance, this game will remind you lot of Starcraft. In fact, the gameplay interface is almost an exact copy. But aside from the striking visual similarities, this game suffers from all too obvious glitches, bad voice acting, and a story line that lacks in depth.

If you are an avid player of Real Time Strategy games, Tryst will not throw any curve balls. The base basic Command and Conquer-type controls are nothing new and very straight forward. Like any RTS, you spend most of your time building an army while gathering resources. Doing this can become a hindrance in some games, especially if you are playing a game like Starcraft online.

However, the most noteworthy aspect of Tryst is its fast-paced gameplay. Building time is cut in half while troops tend to run a lot faster than what you may be used to. It’s a nice positive when doing an Online matchup, but it also makes the Campaign very short. Tryst being an indie game makes a short campaign understandable. But, for $24.99 you aren’t really getting the bang for your bucks.

Tyst has two modes: Campaign and Online. It’s obvious that game was made for multiplayer due to the fact that the single player campaign is very short, and quite frankly, uninteresting. Perhaps it is the bad voice acting that makes the campaign so appealing. Everyone has a Russian accent.

On a planet where the human race has colonized and created a new empire, everyone seems to have a thick Russian accent. A character also has to mutter something every single time you click on them and tell them where to move–even when you have an entire unit selected, and are just trying to move them through the map. At some point you will be annoyed after hearing “covering the six!” over and over again.

Aside from the storyline, the gameplay has an issue with difficulty. At first you will find the game to be incredibly easy, and then all of a sudden it becomes impossibly hard with no gradual build up. Most scenarios don’t even start you off building a home base.

Instead, you lead a small team through a number of challenges and “path choices” until you get to some actual building. The final mission of the game has you control a small unit of soldiers against an obviously impossible scenario.

Once you finish the incredibly short Campaign mode, you can head over to multiplayer for an even faster paced Skirmish mode or online matchups. There is not much to get excited about, however, as not too many people are playing Tryst online at this time. A longer campaign mode might have made this game a little more satisfying.

There are a number of bugs that can cause you to become increasingly annoyed with the game. The most notable is an error message that will show up out of nowhere sometimes. The message indicates that the issue is being sent to the company to improve performance. Load times can also be too long and the game tends to crash when attempting to load a saved game.

These sort of hindrances make Tryst seem more like a Beta than an actual final version.

Even the graphics are lacking in some detail. There are no cutscenes, enemies disappear in dust when killed, and buildings just turn into a heaping pile of destruction when destroyed instead of actually catching on fire to indicate low strength. It’s these little details that separate a game like Tryst from Starcraft.

Final Truth:

Tryst has some potential to be a pretty fun game, but certain things were not executed properly. While the gameplay is fast paced, the animation and storyline is lacking in depth. The bugs and load times can be a turnoff, and multiplayer mode leaves a lot to be desired, especially when not many gamers are playing to be matched up with. Perhaps some content updates in the future could make for a more noteworthy game. Some free DLC or a bigger incentive to play the multiplayer could give this game more shelf life. If you are on the fence about Tryst you can download the demo by heading over to the BlueGiant Interactive official site.

[xrr label=”Rating: 3.5/10″ rating=3.5/10]

+Fast paced gameplay makes for more interesting combat
Campaign mode is very short and multiplayer is lacking
Error messages, load times, and crashes can be a hindrance
Bad voice acting and lacking in animation detail

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